Dr Madan Gautam

Production forestry: biophysiology, silviculture, soil-nutrients & water, tree growth and form improvement,  

Nature conservation and biodiversity: habitat rehabilitation, monitoring ecosystems structure and function, assessment of biodiversity status, trends and simulation, conservation planning for threatened species and ecosystems    

Community and agroforestry forestry: commercial and non-commercial agroforestry, forest management through community & indigenous knowledge. 

Climate change: impact on tree growth and development, primary production, and biodiversity and habitat, land-use systems and ecosystems services. 



Madan Gautam lecturer in the Forestry Department of Bangor College.Dr Gautam’s academic roles comprise of academic and professional leadership; research and teaching focused on forest and environmental sciences on primary forestry production, sustainability, nature conservation and community engagement, associated with forest-related issues.  

Dr Gautam works extensively in each of these arenas with colleagues and partners, representing a diversity of forest and environment sector, locally with Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT), and is keen to link with national and provincial universities and research institutions of China, and internationally with academic institutions of UK, Australia, New Zealand and others. 

Prior to Bangor College, Dr Gautam has worked as lecturer with Reading University, UK where he established a syllabus for Postgraduate Diploma in Community Forestry. After completion of his PhD, Dr Gautam worked as a Postdoctoral researcher and lecturer with the Australian National University, Canberra. Until recently, as a public servant, he worked as an ecological scientist with the Department of Conservation, New Zealand for over 12 years. 

Dr Gautam has worked in the international sector as a Technical Advisor, with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)Malaysia and with Department For International Development UK, Nepal project.   

In addition to Forestry degrees (PhD & MSc), Dr Gautamis also qualified in Project Management (MSc)and in Statistics (Certificate). 



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Gautam M (1999) Root growth, development and its environmental factors – a review paper presented to Forest Research Institute Rotorua New Zealand. 




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