Dr Tim Pagella

Researcher and Teaching Associate 

B.Sc. University of Coventry 

M.Sc. University of Wales 

Ph.D. Bangor University 


Dr Pagella is interested in agroforestry and farm woodlands; The acquisition and utilisation  of local ecological knowledge in natural resource management; Operationalising ecosystem services in local landscapes; soft engineering for reducing flood risk; resilience in degraded systems. Dr Pagella splits his time between lecturing at Bangor (50%) and researching at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). 


Pagella, T.F., Sinclair, F.L.  (2014) Development and use of a typology of mapping tools to assess their fitness for supporting management of ecosystem service provision. Landscape Ecology 29: 383-399.  

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Ambrose-Oji, B and Pagella, T. (2012) Spatial Analysis and Prioritisation of Cultural Ecosystem Services: A Review of Methods.  

LUC et al (2011). Case Study of Practical Measures at a Landscape Scale to Provide for Adaptation of Biodiversity and Ecosystems to Climate Change: Cambrian Mountains Initiative - WC0759  

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Russell S. et al (2011). Status and changes in the UK’s ecosystems and their services to society: a synthesis for Wales. Chapter 20 of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment  

Zhang, Q, Shi, X., Huang, B., Yu, D., Öborn, I., Blombäck, K., Wang, H., Pagella, T.F. and Sinclair, F.L. (2007) Surface water quality of factory-based and vegetable-based peri-urban areas in the Yangtze River Delta region, China. Catena 69: 57-64.  

Huang, B., Shi, X., Dongsheng, Y., Öborn, I., Blombäck, K., Pagella, T.F., Wang, H., Sun, W. And Sinclair, F.L. (2006) Environmental assessment of small-scale vegetable farming systems in peri-urban areas of the Yangtze River delta region, China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 112: 391-402. 

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