BCC Features

BCC Features 

As a Sino-foreign cooperation educational institution, BCC introduces an internationalized teaching mode, allowing every Chinese student to have the access to world-class higher education without having to go abroad. 

1.Internationalized Superior Curricular System 

BCC introduces and takes references to British theories in higher education, formulating talent cultivating plans in different professional fields, structuring an internationalized superior curricular system and keeping consistent with Bangor University in teaching materials, curriculum, teaching processes, assessmentand supervision. 

2.International Teaching Force with High Standards 

Corresponding to the internationalized superior curricular system, BCC organized a high standard and internationalized faculty team consisting of famous professors and associate professors with doctor’s degrees, through recruiting from a global selection, which form the faculty team in Central South University of Science & Technology and Bangor University. 

3.Full English Teaching 

BCC corresponds with the international educational trend of full English Teaching, applying small class modes, interactive teaching and learning and full English language in professional course teaching and learning, to build a full English educationalenvironment through aspects of teaching materials, lecturing, discussing, assignments, assessing, subject resources and blackboard educating systems and so on. 

4.Innovative English Teaching and Learning 

BCC has established an English Teaching and Learning Committee, assigning the Principal as the Director and creating an innovative English teaching and learning mode and curricular system. The mode introduces its English curriculum from famous IELTS training institutions in China, recruits distinctive oral English teachers from around the world, and select excellent English teachers from Central South University of Science & Technology. Through small class teaching and learning, English Corners twice a week, various kinds of English Competitions, holiday parties, and exchange activities between BCC and Bangor University, BCC provides a strong atmosphere in English learning to promote students’ abilities in English learning and application, which lays solid foundations for students’ further professional studying and scientific researching. 

5.Quality Assurance System with Multiple Principals 

BCC’s education quality assurance system is formulated together by the education quality assurance department in Bangor University and Central South University of Science & Technology, verification from a third foreignuniversity, the education quality assurance department in BCC, and the BCC students.Especially with theactive cooperation among the BCC Education Committee, Education Committees in different majors under BCC and education quality assurance ledby the British deputy principal of BCC, the satisfaction rate of students is highly valued and the talent cultivating quality in BCC will be ensured to be the same as that of Bangor University. 

6.Growth Guiding Tutor System 

BCC adopts the method of Growth Guiding Tutor System, which means one individual tutor providing guidance in academic studying, professional research and career development for each student, to guide the students to foster clear objectives in learning and growing,to behave with the correct professional ethos and learning attitude and promote the appropriate development of the students’ knowledge, capabilities and qualities. 

7.Teachers’ on Duty System 

BCC carries out a duty system for the teachers. Every teacher is equipped with basic office facilities to ensure that they have sufficient time in preparing lectures, marking students’ assignments, interacting with students and discussing teaching and learning methods together. Such a system not only strengthens the belongingness of the teachers and standardises the education management, but also is of great help in promoting the level of education, research and cooperation of the faculty. 

8.International Perspective 

With an internationalized faculty and curricular system,BCC is positive in promoting the talent cultivating process to be more international. BCC students are allowed to choose from 4+0, 2+2, 3+1 and 2+1+1 educating modes freely to study in Bangor University for 1 to 2 years or signing up for the “Experiencing Bangor” social activity every summer holiday. BCC provides exchange visits and lectures given by invited experts and scholars with international reputations, which is a great opportunity to broaden students’ international perspectives. 

Through proficient and detailed management, BCC receives satisfying education results and has been highly appraised by the education quality assurance department of Bangor University in BCC’s professional education, English teaching and learning, and talent cultivation. BCC will continue to pursue first class international education standards, constantly striving for perfection while also persevering for innovation, to cultivate international inter-disciplinary talents who are erudite, innovative and distinctive. 

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