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Administrative and Human Resources Office
The Administrative and Human Resources Office is mainly responsible for the daily operations of the college and assists in all college affairs including talent introduction.
1. Drafting and revising the rules and regulations of BCC; implementing BCC’s decisions on specific issues
2. Organising meetings and learning activities for teachers
3. Drafting BCC’s work plan and work summary 
4. Responsible for BCC’s administrative seals management
5. Responsible for staff hiring, workers’ wages, benefits and social security as well as the financial budget, audit and reimbursement
6. Ensuring effective communication between BBC and other departments in CSUFT
7. Responsible for BCC’s comprehensive statistics, information reporting, yearbook editing and file management
8. Purchasing and managing BCC’s equipment and office supplies
Tang Huifang  
Academic Affairs Division
The Academic Affairs Division is mainly responsible for teaching relevant works and providing relevant support and service for teachers and students.
1. Managing teaching and learning affairs, including students’ registration, curriculum arrangements, Blackboard maintenance, classroom arrangement and management, teaching inspection, teaching quality evaluation, teaching materials collection and subscription
2. Enacting and revising the work details of tutor mechanisms and managing, coordinating, supervising and supporting tutors in their work
3. Coordinating the curriculum linkage between BCC and Bangor University, making professional changes, talent training programs, teaching plans, and arranging internship for students
4. Organising exams for students, making course examination arrangements, dealing with examination affairs and helping our counterparts from Bangor University with the external audit of the papers
5. Assisting the Administrative Office of the British Side in students exchange between BCC and Bangor University
6. Establishing management system of library, including books borrowing, statistics, storage and fire alarms
7. In charge of labs in the university, including equipment maintenance, burglar and fire alarms
8. Recruiting teachers, providing training for them and arranging lectures by visiting professors
9. Managing BBC’s scientific research 
10. Teaching and learning resources declaration, verification and acceptance
Yang Jing  
Students Service Center
The Student Service Center provides all-round service for students including ideological and political education, establishment of student party organizations and student cadre troops, planning and organization of school cultural activities, student study support, and graduate employment guidance.
1. Providing moral education for students, taking charge of daily management, establishing a positive learning atmosphere, guiding students to build harmonious classroom and dormitory environments
2. Improving student work system and services, providing encouragement, guidance, education and service for students
3. Assisting the School League Committee and the School Studies Ministry in organizing and submitting the rewards and punishments materials for students and making public the results. Arranging scholarship evaluation and distribution for students
4. Collecting, organizing and filing students’ materials and managing students’ archives
5. Organizing cultural, art and sports activities to enrich students’ lives 
6. Showing concern to students and providing help for them when necessary
Wang Deming  
Enrollment and International Liaison Department 
The Enrollment and International Liaison Department is mainly responsible for the school’s publicity, student recruitment, domestic and foreign exchanges, foreign teacher recruitment and management work.
1. Designing and publicizing BCC’s image, establishing and promoting BCC’s brand
2. Taking charge of BCC’s websites and other publicizing platforms such as WeChat and micro-blog
3. Taking charge of BCC’s enrollment and the publicizing thereof
4. Taking charge of foreign teachers recruitment, management and service
5. Assisting other departments of CSUFT in welcoming and serving visiting scholars form Bangor University for exchanges and visits as well as organizing outbound group visit and further study abroad
6. Coordinating and arranging visits from peer institutions
7. Writing annual reports for the Sino-foreign joint institution and memos of the Sino-British Joint Management Committee meetings
8. Organizing the meetings of Sino-British Joint Management Committee
Chen Hanlin  
Quality Assurance Office
The Quality Assurance Office ensures the teaching quality of the BCC joint education program reaches the standard and requirements of Bangor University and CSUFT, according to the related provisions of the education and teaching quality of higher education institutions of the UK and China.
1. Establishing teaching and learning management system, ensuring teaching quality
2. Establishing a sound QA system to ensure the quality and management of BCC
3. Establishing a teacher training system, providing relevant training for teachers
4. Establishing a system of inspecting the whole process of teaching and learning and making sure it is implemented properly
5. Providing annual quality reports
6. Handling QA affairs of Bangor University, CSUFT and BCC
Yang Yiyan  
Administrative Office of the British Side
The Administrative Office of the British Side assists Bangor University and the president of the British Side in coordinating affairs such as teaching, administration, finance, personnel, and receptions etc.
1. Taking charge of daily administrative management of the British side
2. Taking charge of fiscal management of the British side
3. Working with other departments in arranging visiting scholars from Bangor University for teaching
4. Taking charge of employees of the British side
5. Working with the QA Office regarding visas and the registration of transferring students
Chen Jing  
The Centre for English Language Education (CELE)
The CELE is mainly responsible for English teaching affairs of the college, cultivating comprehensive English ability, organising students to attend various English training activities and competitions, providing English support and insurance in academia.
1. Taking charge of English teaching affairs, including scientifically planning the English teaching system, English teaching such as Basic Comprehensive English, IELTS listening, speaking and academic writing
2. Organising English corners and training students for English skill competitions
3. Organising training for teachers and carrying out teaching research activities
4. Providing English training courses and advancing cooperation with international language testing agencies
Liu Wenhui  

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