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"Bangor Bang"

"Bangor Bang" is a volunteering team, founded in 2016, as a young comprehensive public welfare practice team of Bangor College -- the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions in Hunan Province.

Based on the Bangor College of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, the Bangor Bang has developed a series of successful cross-provincial volunteering activities to cultivate students' independence, cooperation and cooperation in the new era.

The history of Bangor Bang is not long, but we always have the spirit to sacrifice and persist. We are willing to provide you with a platform to exercise, to contact the outside world, to unprecedented challenges. And we hope this is the way that we can go with, and we expect that we can help more people in need, help Bangor Bang to become a comprehensive volunteer brand as well as a precious spirit.

At the same time, anybody who loves volunteering are welcomed to join Bangor Bang to better this team together with us!

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