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Folk Orchestra of Bangor College

Folk Orchestra of Bangor College is a national musical instrument performing organization of Bangor College (the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions in Hunan Province). Founded in 2014, the Folk Orchestra has more than dozens of professional members presently. The main instruments are Hulusi, dulcimer, lute and other pavilions. In order to display the unique British and Chinese integrated culture of Bangor College, the folk band integrate elements of popular style and Western musical style to make every performance innovated. Since its establishment, the Folk Orchestra has introduced many combined style songs like the Chinese style "Blue and White Porcelain" mixed with guitar sound, and the Adele’s "Rolling in the deep" with Guzheng ensemble in every annual welcome week and the cultural exchange visit, which also fully demonstrated the great Chinese culture and art of the profound as well as the magnificent culture of the world. At the same time, in order to popularize and inherit the characteristics of the Chinese musical instruments, the Folk Orchestra also holds a series of regular exchange and folk music recital, receiving strong repercussions. The medias including Hunan TV, Hunan Education TV, Xiaoxiang Newspaper have reported on these as well.

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