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BCC provides airport pick up services for new international students. Once an admission offer is confirmed by the student, BCC will email the student with related information on airport pick up services. Whoever needs our pick up services should reply to the email and book a reservation at least 15 days prior to the date of registration. Students who miss the period to book our pick up services have to make arrangements for their trip to BCC by themselves. 

Once a booking is confirmed, we will send you an email including the specific time and location of the assembly point. On the date of your arrival, our employees will put on uniforms with the BCC logo and hold welcome boards at the arrivals hall exit. When meeting with the employees in BCC uniforms, you should show them your passport and printed email booking confirmation. The employees will then take you to the assembly point.  

If you arrive at the airport earlier than your scheduled pick up time, you can choose to wait in the airport. The airport provides free WIFI services (up to 4 hours). There are also canteens, café and stores for you to spend your time in.  

If a BCC employee cannot be found upon passing customs, you can walk to the assembly point by following the guidelines in the email. At the assembly point, there will be a table and a display rack with a highly visible BCC logo (shown as below).  If your flight is late and you will be missing our pick up service, you don’t have to worry. Here are some ways you can get to BCC by yourself.  

You also have the option of taking the airport shuttle bus and metro system.  

The most convenient way to get to BCC from the airport is by taxi. The regular taxi meter rate is 2 yuan/km (8 yuan for the first 2 km). Changsha Huanghua International Airport is located over 25 km northeast from the campus, it will cost you around 100 yuan (highway toll fee of 20 yuan included) to get to the university from the airport. Tell the taxi driver to drive to Bangor College Building so that the cab should enter the campus through the West Gate of Central South University of Forestry and Technology on the Furong Road (S) (in Chinese, 中南林业科技大学班戈学院,由芙蓉南路西门进). It will take approximately 1 hour to arrive at BCC from the airport, depending on the traffic.  For Information of the airport shuttle bus, please see http://en.hnjcjt.com/channels/190.html For Information of the metro system, you can refer to the following picture: 

Most importantly, if you can’t find any BCC employees, and in case of emergency, please call our emergency contact at: XXXXXXXXXXX. Please make sure you keep this number in your phone before your departure from home. 


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