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Love in Bali - BCC International Volunteer

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This summer vacation, two teams organized by Bangor College China (BCC) set foot on exotic land, the beautiful island of Bali, to partake in international volunteering. 


Diary of Education Support 


Our team were happily impressed by this education support activity in Bali. On the first day meeting with the Grade 3 students, we were immediately infected by their bright smiles. Their eyes were full of radiance and curiosity, which allayed the fatigue from our long journey. As the Balinese are particularly fond of singing, we combined our courses with music, and used nursery songs such as "How are you" and "Good morning" as the beginning of our daily teaching. Teaching started from basic greetings, to counting, body-part cognition, and date expression. At the same time, traditional Chinese culture was also integrated into teaching, which also acquainted Indonesian students with certain aspects of Chinese traditional culture. We also learned some Indonesian in order to close the distance between the students and ourselves. Education is a process of mutual learning, when teaching others we can also make gains. 

Every day after school, the students will make an "end-of-class salute" - they placed our hands on their foreheads, and this was a sacred ritual that was not only the appreciation for gaining knowledge, but also a mark of respect for education. A few days of teaching might not change their lives, but education is about gradual accumulation. Our volunteers and students filled their lives with gains and affections in Bali. 


Diary on Turtle Protection 


The other team went to the Turtle Center and engaged in routine work which included transferring the turtles, cleaning the turtle pool, rescuing injured turtles, giving treatment, setting them free, and creating a more clean and ecological environment for the turtles. After five days of hard work, our volunteers were granted certificates of accomplishment from the turtle center. 


Bali international volunteering came to a successful close at the end of the summer, but the significance on the volunteers will never disappear. Our international volunteers will never halt their step to pass love to the world. 

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