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UK Ambassador Attended and Praised the BCC 2016 Entrance Ceremony

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In the morning of October the 20th, the inauguration ceremony of Central South University of Forestry and Technology – Bangor University Joint Research Center and Bangor College China (BCC) 2016 entrance ceremony was held at the CSUFT music hall. The British ambassador to China, Barbara Woodward CMG OBE was present at the ceremony and addressed an oration. The other important guests included Matthew Rous, counsel general of the British consulate general in Guangzhou, Qiu Aihua, deputy director of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Hunan Municipality, amongst others. The party secretary Hu Changqing officiated the ceremony, and the Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University, Professor. John Hughes and the president of CSUFT, Mr. Liao Xiaoping made remarks respectively at the ceremony. 

In the speech, Ms. Woodward expressed her pleasure to witness the establishment of this first Chinese-British joint school in Hunan and the positive role it had been playing in promoting bilateral communication between Hunan and the UK, and made a particular compliment for it being nominated as one of the five schools in the award finalists for the Educational Institutional Partnership of the Year Award. 

She also affirmed the significance of Sino-British cooperation in higher education, claiming that such communications not only build rapports between schools and universities, but also create chances for mutual exchanges of students and teachers from the two countries. Through our communication we have learned a lot from each other and in the future, we shall need more collaborations in various forms. 

According to Liao Xiaoping, CSUFT and Bangor University have established a longstanding collaborative partnership which has yielded impressive results throughout the years. The establishment of BCC, in particular, marks a milestone for the two universities’ close relationship. In 2014 the Chinese Ministry of Education approved the founding of the Bangor College China and since then this Sino-British joint school has begun to introduce the advanced education theories, teaching methods, and curriculum system of Bangor to its Chinese registered students. Over the two years since its establishment, the BCC has developed a group of international teaching staff, withover 60 trips of the teachers from Bangor coming here for lectures or academic visits. In addition to normal exchanges, these professional teaching staff attended various research and academic activities, which finally contributed to the startup of the CSUFT-Bangor University Joint Research Center. Ms. Woodward also spoke highly of this research center. 

Professor. John Hughes signified the foundation of the CSUFT-Bangor University Joint Research Center would further deepen the research and scientific collaboration of the two universities, and that it could especially benefit the master and doctorate cultivating project which would be launched jointly by the schools. 

Liao Xiaoping also wished the joint research center a better future in building the first-class teaching staff, cultivating the innovative elites, strengthening the school’s scientific research capability, inheriting and developing outstanding cultures, and promoting the transformation of educational strengths to fruitful achievements.  

After the orations, Barbara Woodward, Qiu Aihua, Liao Xiaoping, and John Hughes unveiled the nameplate of the CSUFT-Bangor University Joint Research Center together. 

Under the agreement which was signed in the end of September 2016 by both CSUFT and Bangor University, a joint research center would be set up respectively in the two campuses, and the establishment of that in CSUFT marked an important step for the Chinese school to carry out its “Double Tops” plan, and also a new start for the two universities to expand mutual collaboration. 

A large amount of achievements in teaching quality enhancement and talent development have been attained since the BCC was started up in 2014. The first group of 63 students who chose to take the “2+2” program all successfully entered the Bangor College for the second half of their studies in this September. Mr. John Hughes encouraged this form of exchange and said that “Our longer term ambition is to make BCC a study abroad centre for Bangor students. A real two way exchange to enhance the learning experience for all.” 

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, the teachers and the students of BCC and Music School exhibited an exciting arts performance show. 

  Bangor University with its history of more than 130 years is one of the eldest schools in Britain. It maintains excellent performance in all the aspects of scientific research, academic achievements and teaching quality, with 3/4 majors reputed as “world leading” or “internationally excellent” and over 50% of academies ranking in Britain’s top 20. In 2015 it was listed in the World 100 Top International Universities by the Times, being abreast with renowned schools such as Oxford and Nottingham, and was also one of the top 40 British universities in the latest Times UK Universities Rankings. According to the 2016 students’satisfaction survey, the score of Bangor University remains 90%, staying among the top 15 positions for 3 consecutive years. 


The CSUFT’s party secretary Hu Changqing was officiating the inauguration ceremony 

  The British ambassador to China Barbara Woodward was delivering an oration 


The Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University John Hughes was delivering an oration 

  The president of CSUFT Liao Xiaoping was addressing an oration 


  The Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University John Hughes (first from the left),the British ambassador to China Barbara Woodward (second from the left), deputy director of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Hunan Municipality Qiu Aihua (second from the right), and the president of CSUFT Liao Xiaoping (first from the right) were together unveiling the nameplate of the CSUFT-Bangor University Joint Research Center 


 The leaders of CSUFT and British guests were listening to the oration 


 The teacher representative Doctor Xie Lingli was addressing an English speech 

 The freshman student representative of 2016Zhang Bo was making an English speech for the entrance ceremony 


John Hughes was granting the full offer for Bangor University enrollees of 2015 

  The students were playing the Guzheng ensemble – Green Ripples along the Silver River 


  The BCC students are playing the English sitcom they compose, Bangor – where we commence our dream 

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