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Introduction of Joint Management Committee CSUFT and Bangor University

The Joint School shall, in accordance with the ‘Regulations and Implementation Measures’, establish a Joint Management Committee which shall be the highest authority of the Joint School (the ‘Joint Management Committee’). 

The Joint Management Committee will represent the interests of the Joint School, as well as the interests of both Bangor and CSUFT. It shall fulfil the following duties:  


·           Proposing amendments to the cooperation agreement and its provision. 
·           Amending the Charter, and formulating the basic rules and regulations of the Joint School. 
·           Formulating the development plans and approving the annual work plan of the Joint School. 
·           Appointing and replacing the Dean and Associate Dean of the Joint School, who are agreed and jointly nominated by CSUFT and Bangor University. 
·           Raising operational funds and examining and approving the budget and final accounts of the Joint School. 
·           Determining staff quotas and employment and the salary scales of the employees of the Joint School. 
·           Making decisions concerning the division, merger or termination of the Joint School. 
·          Considering and seeking to resolve any matter raised by either Bangor University or CSUFT in relation to the degree programmes, including any matter related to CSUFT or Bangor University’s respective regulatory or quality assurance obligations. 
·           Fulfilling any other responsibilities entrusted to it by Bangor University and CSUFT.  

There shall be at least two meetings of the Committee per academic year, proposed to be held at the end of each semester.   

The Joint Management Committee shall consist of seven members, four of whom shall be appointed by CSUFT and three of whom shall be appointed by Bangor University. The position of Chairperson of the Joint Management Committee shall be held by the President of CSUFT and the position of Deputy Chairperson of the Joint Management Committee shall be held by the Vice Chancellor of Bangor. The composition of the Joint Management Committee shall be in compliance with the provisions of the Regulations and Implementation Measures. The list of the members of the Joint Management Committee shall be filed on record with the Approval Authority of the Joint School. 



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