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Ten Reasons to Choose BCC
Reason 1: Dual Degrees from China and the United Kingdom

BCC students are registered in both Bangor University and Central South University of Forestry and Technology and will be granted degree certificates from the both universities upon graduation. 

Reason 2: Teaching, Learning and Examining in English Language 

The teaching, learning and examining system in BCC abides completely by the educational theories and models used in the United Kingdom. As English is used as the language of instruction throughout the whole process of your study, it won’t influence your professional studies and career planning if you don’t understand Chinese language. 

Reason 3: Strict Quality Monitoring System 

Compared with the related majors in Bangor University, majors offered by BCC use the same teaching materials, course systems, teaching procedures, testing standards and quality monitoring methods. All courses in BCC are required to be internal and external reviewed by both Bangor University and a third university. 

Reason 4: International Faculty with High Standards 

BCC’s faculty consists of distinguished teachers from all over the world, among which, 61% are from outside of China. All those teachers possess Doctorate degrees. One third of the courses are taught by teachers directly from Bangor University. 

Reason 5: Numerous Study Resources 

BCC students are provided access to the numerous internet teaching and learning resources provided by both Bangor University and Central South University of Forestry and Technology. 

Reason 6: Flexible Modes of Student Cultivation 

BCC students are allowed to either finish all their study in the campus in China or go to Bangor University directly for one to two years. 

Reason 7: Excellent Environment to Learn Chinese 

BCC provides practical Chinese language courses for international students. Meanwhile, BCC will organize a variety of Chinese culture experiential courses to enable international students to live, study and work while using basic Chinese. 

Reason 8: Broadened Views of Future Career Life 

BCC is devoted to cultivating interdisciplinary talents who possess international vision, the abilities of fluent communication in both Chinese and English, and who are familiar with international regulations. After graduation, a BCC student is capable of working within cross-country businesses and Chinese based corporations. What’s more, BCC graduates are able to pursue master’s degrees and even doctor’s degrees without entrance examinations. 

Reason 9: Lower Expenses 

The total cost for a student studying in BCC is around 30% of what he or she will spend when directly studying in Bangor University in the United Kingdom. 

Reason 10: Excellent Geographical Location 

BCC is located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. Changsha is a famous historical and touristic city, renowned for its beautiful scenery and clear waters, pleasant weather and convenient transportation. 

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