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Connotations of the Logo of Bangor College 

The basic colours of the emblem are red and green. Green is the colour of GSUFT which embodies the feature of forestry and symbolizes vitality and eco-friendliness. And red is the colour of Bangor University which gives a sense of British elegance. 

Two red dragons on either side are adopted from the logo of Bangor University, these two red dragons jointly hold a light green shield, representing CSUFT and Bangor University jointly construct and administrate Bangor College. 

The two capitalized letters written on the shield, B and C, are the initials of Bangor University ,CSUFT and Bangor College. 

Two horizontal lines inlaid over letter B and C resemble the shield with an open book which shows the responsibility of Bangor College- cultivating high-quality talents equipped with both knowledge and the ability of practice, devoting to scientific research and serving for the development of the society and economy. The three white vertical bars below are in token of the Chinese Knot. Viewing the shield as a whole, letter B and C, along with the white lines around them, form the Chinese character (Central), referring to CSUFT. 

The four Chinese characters of Bangor College on top of the shield are written in an ancient Chinese calligraphy to demonstrate the special Chinese characteristic of Bangor College.  

Underneath the shield, CSUFT(in Chinese) and Bangor University are written in Tao Zhu typeface[1], together they formed the base of the shield, demonstrating that the two universities are the foundation and strong support for Bangor College. 

[1] Tao Zhu, the former vice premier of the state council, who used to inscribe the name of the university to CSUFT. 

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