About Bangor College China

About Bangor College China

I. Introduction of Bangor College China  

In October 2013, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China ([2013] No. 70), Bangor College China (shortened as BCC) was established jointly by Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT) and Bangor University UK, one of the top 300 universities in the world. As the first Chinese-foreign cooperatively-led school in Hunan Province, BCC serves as a model for other universities in foreign exchanges and cooperation of education. 

II. Features and Strengths   

1. BCC adopts a small-class and interactive teaching pattern and introduces textbooks, the curriculum system, teaching schedules, the evaluation system and quality assurance from Bangor University.  

2. More than one third of specialized courses are taught by teachers from Bangor University, and the rest by highly-qualified teachers from all over the world. Each member of the teaching faculty has attained a doctorate degree.  

3. Both teaching and assessment/exams are carried out in English so that there is no concern regarding language barriers. For those showing an interest in Chinese culture, we offer multiple Chinese programmes for you to choose from. 

4. Except for the “4+0” pattern, you can also choose from the “3+1”or “2+2” or “2+1+1” patterns as you like.  

5. The British deputy dean stays in BCC all-year-round to exercise quality assurance of teaching and learning, which is also subjected to third-party assessment by Bangor University and the British side.  

6. Our tuition fees are much cheaper than that of British universities, and we have a generous scholarship system. 

III. BA Programmes 

Forestry and Environment Management 

Electronic Engineering   

Banking and Finance 

Accounting and Finance 

IV. Degree Awarding 

  You can be granted two degrees separately issued by CSUFT and Bangor University. 

V. Sought-after Graduates 

Graduating with excellent academic qualifications, transferable skills, a creative outlook and a fresh perspective, our students are in demand from employers around the globe. 

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